Code Of Ethics

All practitioners, organisations and certification bodies that are members of the IHA must abide by our Code of Ethics. Any alleged breach of the code shall be investigated and if substantiated may result in remedial action against the entity concerned, including but not limited to removal from the association. It is at the sole discretion of the association and its board as to what action may be taken for any breach of the code.

For the purposes of the code, a practitioner refers to an individual who practices hypnosis and an organisation refers to any organised body that offers hypnosis training or certification.

All members of the IHA agree to adhere to the following -

1. All practitioners must hold a qualification or certification that is consistent with any titles that they use. No practitioners may use a title that may mislead, or potentially mislead, any member of the public. Practitioners will not use any special title that requires a degree of any form to hold, without holding said degree. This includes but is not limited to titles such as “Dr” or “Professor”. Titles shall only be used if the use of such a title is permissible by local, state, and federal laws of where the practitioner conducts his or her practice.

2. All practitioners and organisations undersand that the IHA does not offer any form of insurance, imdenity of any kind, or any type of protection against litigation. Any legal issues resulting from the use of hypnosis by a practitioner or oganisation shall be the sole responsibility of the said practitioner or organisation.

3. All practitioners agree to provide services for their clients in a manner that is consistent with their level of knowledge within the field of hypnosis. Practitioners will not under any circumstances perform, or claim to be able to perform, any method of treatment for which they have not been appropriately trained and certified.

4. All practitioners agree that they will not utilise their position to take advantage of, or to persuade, intimidate, coerse or otherwise make any client of theirs feel pressured to perform an act of any form. This includes but is not limited to any sexual, financial or emotional act. If a sexual relationship does develop between the practitioner and the client, the practitioner must immediately cease treating the client and notify the association of the incident.

5. All practitioners and organisations will act in a professional manner when dealing with clients and customers. This includes but is not limited to observing all local laws and regulations in regards to the relationship between the client and the practitioner.

6. All practitioners and organisations agree to have a nondiscriminatory policy towards all current and potential clients. This includes not letting a person’s religion, gender, sexual preferences, marital status, disability, political stance, nationality or beliefs adversely effect whether or not said person will be accepted into treatment, into a course, or granted certification.

7. All practitioners and organisations will ensure that safety is maintained when utilising hypnosis in any form. All practitioners and organisations agree not to conduct any act which may potentially bring any harm to any person.

8. All practitioners and organisations will ensure that they their level of training remains current and that they hold a qualification or certification that is consistent with their level of membership within the association. If any such qualification or certification expires or is revoked, the practitioner or organisation will immediately notify the association.

9. All organisations offering training in hypnosis agree to offer at least one course that does not attempt to associate hypnosis with any form of paranormal phenomena. Courses containing paranormal phenomena include but are not limited to spiritualism, alien abduction or any other form of paranormal belief. Past life regression will be considered paranormal if the organisation attempts to associate this field with any previous existence as another individual.

10. All organisations that offer courses incorporating paranormal phenomena will state, either through a disclaimer or elsewise, that the paranormal phenomena cannot be scientifically proven. This includes but is not limited to courses containing elements of spiritualism, alien abduction and past life regression (in terms of living as a separate being sometime in the past).

11. All organisations agree that they will not display the International Hypnosis Association logo on any certification or course material if it associates hypnosis with any form of paranormal activity, as defined in sections 9 and 10. This section does not apply to past life regression hypnosis whereby it is explicitly stated that the past life regression is concerned with bringing a person back to a previous emotional state in their current life, not in any previous life.

12. All organisations agree to clearly state any refund policy that they have. The refund policy must not be written in a way so as to deceive any ordinary person. All organisations must act upon their refund policy if requested to do so by any customer. If a customer files a refund request before the refund period expires, then the organisation must act upon the refund request. All refund requests must be handled in a timely manner.

13. All members, past or present, be they a practitioner, organisation or elsewise, will not conduct any action that may bring the association into disrepute.

14. All members, past or present, be they a practitioner, organisation or elsewise, agree never to hold the International Hypnosis Association responsible for any act done by the association, or any of its members in the course of their duties to the association. Practitioners and organisations agree and understand that the International Hypnosis Association does not offer any form of liability insurance or protection of any kind whatsoever, and serves as a directory of practitioners and organisations only.

15. All members, past or present, be they a practitioner, organisation or elsewise, hereby completely indemnify the association, its parents, subsidiaries and members from any damages, be they financial, bodily or elsewise, during the course of the duties of the association, its parents, subsidaries or members of the past or present, be they practitioner, organisation or elsewise.

The International Hypnosis Association reserves the right to alter this Code of Ethics at any time, without notice. It is the responsibility of all members to check the Code of Ethics on a frequent basis to ensure they remain in compliance with it.